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Bombshells in Business hosts monthly meetings, events and programs. We bring progressive, female-focused, professional and personal learning opportunities to the campus of NC A&T SU. In addition to our monthly events we also offer service opportunities. Get active. Be a Bombshell and lead boldly.

Our programs and events include but are not limited to:

-Panel Discussions

-Internship and Career Prep Workshops

-Trips to Networking events

-Hosting Career Fairs

-Fun, Interactive Activities & Trips

This is NOT your traditional, stuffy, sit-in-a-lecture kind of career prep. Our goal is to provide you with FUN, MODERN & EXCITING ways to get prepared for the working world. 

Bombshells do it best!


Your Greatest Self.

Did you come to college & weren't quite sure what to major in? Have you already started coursework in a major you don't think fits you & you aren't sure what to do? Or maybe you know exactly what you want to be when you grow up but you don't quite know how to go about obtaining that dream job?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, this organization is for you girl!



Bombshells in Business is not only dedicated to getting you prepared for that dream job but we are also dedicated to helping you along your journey to womanhood. We understand that being a woman isn't easy. We juggle school work, jobs, internships and a bevy of other things. We understand that sometimes you want to talk to a girl friend instead of your mother. We understand that you want more friends who have things in common with you...we also understand that you want to work towards being the best you that you can be.

We intend to assist you along that journey by providing you with fellowship amongst like-minded women who understand and relate to your situations. We want to encourage and uplift each other always.

Spread love, it's the bombshell way.

Acquire all the necessary skills, experience and connections to obtain your dream job. We aim to enrich and groom you into a highly professional and business savvy young woman. come join us in our journey to greatest as we serve, learn and uplift in a modern, sophisticated manner.


Hera Nyx,

Anyone in the presence of this event left with a feeling of optimism and increased thirst within their own passions.


Ashlei Elise, Station Manager at Radio Free Charlotte


I have to say that after attending the event, I was equally encouraged and felt pushed to continue the work that I am pursuing. Shelby Christie reminded me of myself when starting The Elise Project in 2010. I didn't want to
wait until after college to begin doing my passion and chasing my own dreams. I wanted to start now!


Shelby Christie, Founder & President

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